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Preparadora Oposiciones Inglés Primaria
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Programme & Didactic programme units Course 
In just 3 months!

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What you will achieve through this course: 

After so many legislative and curricular changes, creating a teaching unit will now be totally different from what you are used to, mainly because it is necessary to incorporate quite a few different elements such as basic knowledge, learning situations, specific and key competencies, ULD, Agenda 2030, etc. 


In this course, you will be able to create a Didactic Programme Unitadjusted to all these requirements. 

  • You will be able to programme and design your Didactic Programme Unit including the new curricular elements. 

  • You will learn about the principles of the UDL (Universal Learning Design) and it will be integrated into your units. 

  • You will incorporate various active methodologies correctly and logically into your didactic programme units. 

  • You will be able to add cooperative learning to your activities correctly by creating a team plan, distributing the groups by levels, assigning roles according to the type of activity, and using the appropriate cooperative strategies for children.

  • In addition, you will control the evaluation, self-assessment, co-assessment, rubrics, etc. 

  • We will focus on creating a coherent Programme and Didactic Programme Unit to impact the tribunal. 

  • Moodle Platform, Explanatory Videos, Material, Assignments and Online Meetings every week, Preparation of the Oral Defence, etc. 

Unleash Your Best

Mi trabajo consiste en formarte, acompañarte, actualizarte y

ayudarte a personalizar desde la profesionalidad y experiencia.


grupo de preparación de oposiciones abierto! 

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