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The new online course on the design of Learning Situations is thought to help you understand Learning Situations within the framework of the new educational regulations. 


Addressed to:

Teachers / Opositor@s English Primary Education 



Online. Moodle platform. Email. Individual class with Google Meet.


Course objectives: 

-Understand the new legislation (LOMLOE and the corresponding decrees) and the Learning Situations.

-Develop strategies to attend to diversity based on the Universal Design of Learning and frame them within the Learning Situations. 

-Adapt the didactic methodology to the new design of Learning Situations.

- Design and analysis of a Learning Situation.

- Integrate ICTs in the design of Learning Situations.

-Incorporate the competency-based methodology according to the new legislation.


The course will last 3 months.  

150 € AL MES 


Open registration period. 

Curso Online Diseño de Situaciones de Aprendizaje

150,00 €Precio
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